The 2022 Lexus LC Convertible Defines Open-Air Luxury

Sleek & Unmatched

  • Dynamic handling enhancements based on Lexus Driving Signature
  • First-ever LC 500 Bespoke Build allows Lexus Guests to customize their unique vehicle
  • New Cadmium Orange exterior colour


TORONTO, ONTARIO – NOVEMBER 18, 2021 – Stunning design, impeccable tuning, and an innovative soft-top roof that lets you bask in the sun while enjoying an amazing journey. These are the hallmarks of the Lexus LC 500 Convertible – the open-air roadster designed for pure sensory exhilaration. This year, the LC Convertible features updated suspension tuning and a refreshed colour palette featuring nine exterior finishes, and launches the Lexus Bespoke Build program.

“The Lexus LC Convertible expresses the perfect fusion of elegance and aggression that defines its Coupe sibling, then adds a beautifully engineered four-layer lightweight soft-top,” said Martin Gilbert, Director of Lexus in Canada. “Equally exciting, the 2022 LC Convertible introduces the Lexus Bespoke Build program, an online tool that will allow our guests to mix and match performance and style components to further customize their vehicle to reflect their personality.”

Elite Athleticism

The LC 500 Convertible may be based in part on the LC 500 coupe, but it is no mere crop-topped replica. Considerable driving evaluation and analysis went into crafting unique driving qualities that give the vehicle its own athletic identity to offer impressive performance that remains true to its convertible design. 

Careful attention was given to the LC Convertible’s suspension, which is tuned specifically to complement the subtle changes in weight between the coupe and convertible. From its dampers and coils, to its bushings and the unique Yamaha performance damper placed transversely at the rear, the Convertible’s specially designed components are designed to help ensure comfortable, yet sharp, road-going performance. A reduction of un-sprung weight in the front suspension improves the overall stroke, and weight is also reduced in the rear with the use of lightweight die-cast aluminum for the construction of the suspension tower brace.

The tuning of the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) is enhanced to complement the convertible as well. The AVS system continually adjusts damping control in response to driving operation and road surface conditions, with the ability to adjust to an impressive 650 different levels of damping force. For 2022, the LC 500 Convertible continues to embrace the Lexus Driving Signature Next Chapter pillar through enhancements to the vehicle’s dynamic handling characteristics. Front and rear suspension settings have been optimized to enhance ground contact feel, linear steering response, and steering effectiveness in the high cornering G range. This suspension enhancement results in nimbler vehicle handling and a sharper connection between driver and vehicle.

The LC Convertible comes standard with large-diameter 21-inch forged wheels. Run-flat tires are employed at all four corners to eliminate the need for a spare tire, which, in turn, allows engineers to free up space, save additional weight, and shorten the rear overhang. 

First-Ever LC 500 Convertible Bespoke Build

The 2022 LC 500 Convertible will launch with the first-ever Bespoke Build, allowing Lexus Guests to configure their vehicle with a mix of performance and styling components. Guests will have the choice between 20-inch cast alloy wheels or large-diameter 21-inch forged wheels. They will be able to select unique exterior and interior colour combinations.

The LC 500 Convertible top is offered in two colours: Black and Sand. The exterior colour palette has been refined for 2022 and includes Ultra White*, Atomic Silver, Smoky Granite Mica, Caviar, Infrared**, Flare Yellow**, Nightfall Mica, Nori Green Pearl, and, new for 2022 in Canada, Cadmium Orange**. Depending upon the exterior colour chosen, three interior colours are available: Black, Circuit Red and Toasted Caramel. 

*Available for an additional $500 charge

**Available for an additional $650 charge

The LC 500 Convertible Bespoke Build will be further distinguished with a unique interior badge and included certificate of authenticity printed on Japanese washi paper and signed and stamped by LC Chief Engineer Yasushi Muto and Lexus Canada’s Director Martin Gilbert. A special LC 500 Bespoke Build Tool will launch on later this year and will allow Lexus Guests to customize their vehicle online.

Cream of the Crop Top

The LC Convertible’s soft-top design allowed engineers to focus on accentuating the sleek lines of the convertible without significant intrusions to the trunk and cabin space that can come with a heavier, bulkier hard top. It features an innovative folding mechanism that includes a tonneau cover for when it is stored. The movement of the folding mechanism is inspired by the three-step movement of Japanese calligraphy: ink brush to paper; movement to the right; the stopping of the ink brush.

The roof can be opened or closed at speeds up to 50 km/h. An animated display on the multi-information display shows the top’s progress and provides warning messages to confirm the status of the soft top roof. One of the most impressive aspects is the time it takes to open or close: approximately 15 seconds to open and approximately 16 seconds to close, depending upon environmental factors. Even the sound system is fine-tuned specifically for the convertible, with an equalizer that adjusts based on the driving environment whether the top is open or closed. The power window controls have been linked to the movement of the roof as well, allowing the ability to switch to open air freedom with the single push of a button.

Once closed, a tonneau covers the roof storage space to provide a weather-resistant seal from the elements. The rear profile of the LC Convertible trunk is accentuated with a kicked-up design that lifts its profile slightly, while the surface of the spoiler is laterally broadened to emphasize the low, wide stance of the car. The centre brake light is integrated into the trunk lid.

Premium magnesium and aluminum components are adopted for the roof links and support structure to provide both a reduction in weight and a design with a low centre of gravity. The roof material itself was carefully selected and manufactured to help ensure optimal tension, to minimize wrinkling and improve sound insulation. The four-layer soft top, which includes three layers of fabric and one layer of sound-absorbing material, is designed to retain the flowing roofline of the coupe without the supporting frame visible through the fabric.

A hydraulic system is responsible for opening and closing the convertible’s roof in an elegant, seamless motion. The system features an electromagnetic valve to control the hydraulic pressure generated by the hydraulic pump to extend or contract cylinders for the tension bow, main roof and the tonneau cover. Three times the number of typical durability tests were conducted to ensure reliability and quietness of operation.

Endless Summer

Regardless of the weather trending hot or cool, the LC 500 Convertible is designed with an HVAC system that adjusts the temperature whether the top is raised or lowered. The Lexus Climate Concierge with Upper Body Heating automatically manages the air conditioner, seat heaters, neck heaters and steering-wheel heater to ensure the cabin is comfortable. The HVAC system is even optimized to send warm or cold air to the back of the driver’s hands when gripping the steering wheel.

Engineers took care to ensure the driving experience is ideal for all occupants, as the cabin is designed to reduce wind noise thanks to the unique shape of the beltline and rear molding to help suppress wind from entering. A standard transparent polycarbonate wind deflector helps restrict unwanted air from entering the cabin during low-speed travel, such as driving in the city, while the standard windscreen provides improved cabin experience during high-speed travel, such as freeway driving, for comfortable conversing with the top down. Active Noise Control combines sound insulation and absorption techniques to help suppress unwanted harshness from entering the cabin.

Aspirated, Naturally

There’s no question that the purr (and subsequent roar) of the naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 elicits an intoxicating note that beckons the driver to depress the throttle and bring the engine to life. The front-engine, rear-wheel-drive LC Convertible shares the same direct-injected V8 powerplant as the LC 500 Coupe. The engine is rated to produce 471 horsepower at 7,100 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm. For the LC Convertible, the engine is paired with a Direct-Shift 10-speed automatic transmission. The Convertible posts an impressive 0-100 km/h time of 4.9 seconds, and its maximum track speed is electronically limited to 270 km/h.

Although great effort is put into keeping certain sounds out of the LC 500 Convertible, the powerful roar of the naturally-aspirated V8 engine is not one of them. Engine intake pulses are naturally carried through a diaphragm into a sound pipe that carries the sounds of the V8, not the air itself, into the cabin to enhance its rumble (similar to the system employed in the Lexus LFA). To further enhance the aggressive tone of the engine’s exhaust and augment performance, a computer-controlled valve balances the fine line between optimizing exhaust back-pressure, exhaust tone and volume at higher engine speeds.

Staying Connected

Inside, the LC 500 Convertible is equipped with an impressive 10.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display to provide immediate access to audio or climate controls and various systems, including the voice-activated navigation system.

Android Auto™ allows users to seamlessly cast their Android phone’s interface onto the vehicle’s multimedia display. Play music via apps such as Spotify®* and Pandora®, send messages through a range of commonly used apps like WhatsApp®, navigate with Google Maps™, and request information—all with just a voice command—through the Google Assistant™. For added convenience, Android Auto can also deliver tailored information based on your calendar, usage activity and habits.

With Apple CarPlay compatibility, customers can access the familiar interface from their iPhone through the vehicle’s multimedia display. Simply connect an iPhone to get directions, make calls, send and receive message via Siri®, and get access to favorite apps like Spotify, Audible® and Apple podcasts.

The Lexus Enform Remote service allows drivers to lock and unlock doors, start the engine, check the fuel level and more all through a smartphone, smartwatch or devices enabled with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. And it’s included for the first 3 years of ownership.

Lexus Enform Destination Assist three-year trial is also included and acts as an in-vehicle personal concierge, providing directions and destinations delivered by a live agent.

Lexus Safety System+

The 2022 LC Convertible comes standard with Lexus Safety System+. This includes Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Lane Keep Assist, All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams. Also like the LC 500 coupe, Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert come standard.

There are important safety features specific to convertible, such as the active roll bars that are designed to deploy upward if a rollover is detected. When not deployed, these roll bars are hidden from view to retain the convertible’s exquisite silhouette when the top is down.

Lexus Enform Safety Connect trial comes standard and is complimentary for the first 3 years of ownership with access to Lexus Enform response centres 24/7/365. With Lexus Enform Service Connect trial, the vehicle can send alerts for specific factory recommended maintenance, simultaneously alerting a preferred Lexus retailer. The Lexus app can be used to set push-reminders and alerts for maintenance and service issues.

The 2022 LC 500 Convertible will have a starting MSRP of $123,000 and is expected to arrive in dealerships in late 2021. For up to date details and specifications, visit

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