Testimonial – 2663

Everold Reid has been looking after me for the past several years. twice he has reached out to help me get out of an existing lease and into a new model. He knows how much I love the CT200H. He remembered how much I like the colour red and found a red one, I think the only red one in the area. Each time he’s done this, he has found a way to get me into an upgraded model without an increase in monthly cost. He is a pleasure to deal with. I really feel he has my interests at heart, rather than he’s just trying to sell more cars.

John, the Finance Manager (I’m sorry I can’t remember his last name), helped us through the paper work to expedite the pick up process. it was the first time we had met him and enjoyed working with him. He was clear, provided options and very pleasant.

I’m very happy with the CT200H. I love my red FSport and I thoroughly enjoy working with Everold.

Aug 3rd, 2015