Dan Crowther

I purchased a slightly used 2020 Toyota Prius Prime and was very happy about the experience.
Blair was very approachable and friendly and easy to talk to. Not pushy in the slightest and was very reassuring regarding the pride and proper business ethics even for their used vehicles. I feel confident that should I encounter a pre-existing issue with the vehicle that they would do everything in their power to make it right.
Blair was the sales person who received our car as a trade-in and sold the previous owners their next car, so it was helpful to get an understanding of who they were and why they sold it.
We are not negotiators in the slightest, but we were able to get discount off the asking price that I thought was fair with ease. I’m certain we could have gotten more if we were pushyer, but I was happy with the price.
The building is spacious and everyone is spread out with hand sanitizers and plexiglass; from a Covid standpoint it felt safe.
Overall great experience. Would recommend to family and friends.

Apr 12nd, 2021